National Cursillo Center Mailing – October 2007 

"The two structural elements of the Movement, the School of Leaders and the Secretariat are indivisible, each one is dependent on the other and neither can function properly without the other. It is from the School of Leaders that the members of the Secretariat are appointed and then it is the School that supports the work of the Secretariat. Only those leaders who have actively participated in the School can authentically understand the needs of the Movement they serve. No Movement can be said to be functioning as intended if there is no active Secretariat and School of Leaders."


"The Cursillistas who serve the Movement in the Secretariats and Schools of Leaders can best be described as keepers of the flame of the vision of the Founder, keeping it burning brightly as a beacon for all those whose paths are illuminated by its light."

Secretariat Members

Spiritual Director: Rev. Eugene Cañas

     Phone: 713-923-8235 (Home); 281-804-3359 (Mobile)

​     Email:

Lay Director: Thu Hà Nguyễn

​     Phone: 713-502-2923; Email:

English SOL Vocal: Tin Ngo

     Phone: 832-964-4534; Email:

Pre-Cursillo Vocal: romani Pererea

​     Phone: 281-455-7709; Email:

Post-Cursillo Vocal: Mary Green

​     Phone: 713-724-4470; Email:

Spanish SOL Vocal: Blanca Lozano


Pre-Cursillo Vocal: Jorge Lopez

​     Phone: 713-885-5294; Email:

Post-Cursillo Vocal: Vicente Esquivel

​     Phone: 281-891-0475; Email:

Vietnamese SOL Vocal: Tracey Thu Trang Nguyen

     Phone: 713-303-7982: Email:

​Pre-Cursillo Vocal: Báu M. Trịnh

​     Phone: 832- 541-8662; Email:

​Post-Cursillo Vocal: Mary Phượng Phan

​     Phone: 713-301-6092; Email: