"Faced with the reality of this de-Christianized world, the founder of the Movement thought that some basic lines of action needed to be put in place. These could be summarized as:

a)Evangelization as a mission
b)An awakening of hunger for God
c)A preaching aimed at conversion
d)A vision of the Church as universal sacrament of salvation
e)A vision of the Christian as an apostle
f)A vision of the world as a community of persons God wants to redeem. 

Faced with a Christianity which no longer exerted any real influence on life, the founder of the Movement came to an understanding of what and how Christianity should be.

It needed to be:

Christianity understood as life itself, as a key that unlocks life and gives meaning to it- Christianity being not merely a set of truths that must be learned and accepted, but something alive that has to be lived.
The actual living out of what is fundamental for being a Christian. (not just the knowledge and awareness of it)
A real impact on society, which would be effected by this living out of what is fundamental for being a Christian.
An action taking place within the world, not purely and simply within the Church.
Not some new commitments, but a new Christian attitude in carrying out the secular commitments one already has."